SoftWatch OptimizeIT Premium provides application usage analytics at a whole new level

SLO (or Software License Optimization) for desktop apps enables analysis for any app that has an executable running in the task manager. It’s probably the easiest and most straightforward way to understand what’s running in the organization and how it is being used.

In many cases, customers even use this ability to track apps that were developed internally for internal purposes, that we at SoftWatch have never even seen before.

The analysis allows collection of three main parameters on any executable:

  • The application runtime (how long it’s been actively running in the task manager)
  • The time this app spent as the forefront window (i.e. the user has been looking at it)
  • The time the user spent typing / clicking inside the application

By collecting these three basic parameters, our algorithm is able to segment the user into heavy/light groups and into editor/viewer state.

You will be surprised to find how application that seemed like the main apps for certain users are actually rarely used.