Let’s skip the technical mumbo jumbo and jump right to the core why you are here, browsing our website. Obviously you want to move to Office 365 and need to find the best way to do it in order to increase productivity, speed up the adoption process and you are also looking for a way to monitor the move itself.

Assessing the starting point before you start the move to Office 365 requires lots of leg work, lots of analysis and plenty of time to review the results. Adopting new tools that are either cheaper or lead to higher productivity can be really scary if you don’t have the right information, and improving the way you manage your Office 365 licensing is something that requires a lot of internal ongoing work.

That’s what SoftWatch is here for. Our solution can do all that for you.

When it comes to Moving to Office 365, our patented technology is the single, most effective piece of software that you can use. Why are we so confident that it’s so great? Because ours is the only product that detects REAL usage, which is the basis of any relevant report, be it Macro detection, Collaboration monitoring or a side by side comparison of the adoption progress. We believe that when you have the right information you make the right decisions.

In addition to that, there’s also another very important step in the process and it actually comes pretty quickly once you start the move to Office 365, and that is the point where you have to choose the right Office 365 license that your users need. You probably know that there are many different licenses available for Office 365 and picking the right one is essential for maintaining an operational environment for your employees and your company.

After you understand the concept of real usage and realize that all the metering tools that you may have been using until now were not designed for this type of analysis, you can start to realize the value SoftWatch can have when you consider adopting new tools such as Office 365.

By running our agent on an ongoing basis, you will continuously get the data that you need, in order to make the right decisions on many different Microsoft 365 related issues.