So you are considering adopting G Suite? That’s great.

If you are already using G Suite for business for your email, but you are still using Microsoft Office for your Word/Excel/Powerpoint solution or if you are not even on Google Mail and simply considering G Suite entirely – you’ve come to the right place.

When customers choose to move from MS Office to G Suite it’s a different process than simply upgrading from one version of Office to another. Here, when you move to G Suite you will be providing your users a completely different set of tools for their day to day work.

Before you do that, you probably want to run an assessment to assess the level of readiness you have – to move to G Suite, and by readiness we actually mean – to know how many users is it going to be “easy” to move and how many will face potential issues. By running the CloudIT Assessment you will join hundreds of companies that have taken the initial step of uncovering just how much MS Office is really being used.

United Biscuit’s best practice

You may be able to measure enterprise activity, storage and sharing on Google Drive (by pulling data from the administration console or using Drive APIs) but this only measures what’s happening in the Cloud which is only part of the picture.  What about all the activity on the ground, your on-premise applications?

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The CloudIT Assessment helps companies that are considering to move to G Suite and also companies that are looking for ways to increase the adoption of their existing G Suite licenses. In both cases there is a tendency to assume heavy reliance on Microsoft Office when in fact – there isn’t. Running the CloudIT assessment will help uncover the real usage of MS Office and see that a very small part of the company really uses the Office licenses.

The assessment will also provide a license projection that will project how many users you will have to leave with Office tools (for various reasons) and how many can be moved to G Suite, and will provide you with $ values of your potential savings. Simply put – it will show you what your next license agreement with Microsoft will look like if you move to G Suite.

OptimizeIT Google and OptimizeIT Premium Google are two additions that are more robust and add more features to the ones provided by CloudIT. Most customers choose to continue to one of the OptimizeIT solutions in order to manage the transition to G Suite, increase the adoption of G Suite and optimize the remaining MS licenses.