Configuring `Machine Types` will allow you to slice relevant reports to show information about specific machines. This is useful in many ways, for example:

  • You want data only from Citrix machines
  • You want data from specific machine names
  • You want data from machines with a specific IP range
  • You want data from machines with a certain application installed
  • and more…

Working with this feature is simple and straightforward and once configured, the machine types are ready for use in any relevant report screen.

Configuring your First Machine Type

  1. Click on “Admin” and select “Configure Machine Types” (it’s under the configuration menu).
  2. To add a new configuration click on “Add” (top right side of your screen)
  3. A window will appear and will ask for a name. Technically you only need to provide a name at this stage, so please just input your desired Machine Type name and click “Next”.
    Name your Machine Type

Configure this newly created Machine Type by giving it some rules.

  1. click on the “Add Rule” box:
    The Add Rule box
  2. Select the rules that you want to use and configure them accordingly:
    Available rules


    Allows configuring a regular expression by which machines will be detected. For example if you want to grab all machines that start with “CTX”.
    OS: allows to specify specific Operating systems that you want.
    SP: Allows detection by Service Pack.
    Version: Allows detection by CollectIT version (the version of our agent).
    Local IP: allows detection based on the local IP of the machine.
    Public IP: allows detection based on the public IP of the machine.
    Application: allows selecting application(s) from a list and finding all machines that have these applications.

  3. Once you are done configuring your options click on “Save” and you are good to go!

Using Machine Type in reports

Wherever relevant, you will be able to select Machine Types from the menu in a report. For example:
Filter by Machine Type


Good luck!