The SoftWatch agent (called CollectIT) is the same agent no matter which one of our services you choose. In every different service the agent will receive a new configuration package from our servers so you don’t have to worry about that, but as far as the way it works and the addresses it will connect to on the web – they are all the same.

There is one thing that we expect you to take care of and that is providing a working internet connection to the agent.

The agent sends out information to the cloud using the system account. You can configure it to work with a different account than the system account but we advise against that. Once you install the agent you need to make sure that the system account is able to POST to (to port number 443). If your organization uses a proxy server please make sure that the system account can access through the proxy.

We understand that this is sometimes quite difficult to change proxy configurations so we suggest that you bypass the proxy for our address altogether. If you can – that would be the easiest option. Simply add to the exclusion list and the connections to that address will not be proxied.

If you can’t do that, please note the following points:

  • Once configured to work through a proxy, the agent will not detect when the user is outside the proxied environment (e.g. the user took the laptop to work from home) and will always try to connect through the same proxy. If that proxy is not available the reports will be purged and data collected while outside the proxy will not reach our servers.
  • The agent can detect the proxy configuration automatically during the installation only if a user is logged in on the machine that’s installing the agent and the credentials for connection will be the user’s only. If there will be other users logging in to that machine chances are that the authentication will not work for them.

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