Does SoftWatch comply with GDPR?


Yes, Since SoftWatch does not track personalized data, SoftWatch is compliant with GDPR rules. With the agent and Chrome Extension installed, SoftWatch does not track the contents of the files used with these apps. For more info see SoftWatch Personal Data Protection Guidelines

Our subscription expires soon. What will happen with the agents installed?

After the expiration date, we put the account into ‘sleep’ mode (inactive) – there is no need to uninstall the agents. Should you decide to reactivate our service in the future, we will reactivate the company on the server side and restart the data collection. If you decide to uninstall the agent after all, you can do so using the uninstaller supplied … Read More

Can SoftWatch track Lotus Notes usage?

SoftWatch Team

Yes, our agent can track usage of the Lotus Notes client by monitoring whether or not this executable is actively running on a machine. If the Lotus Notes client is detected as running, the agent will automatically track whether the Lotus Notes client is being looked at and whether the Lotus Notes client is being interacted with.

Is there an agent for Mac?

SoftWatch Team

Yes, we do have a version of our agent that can run on iOS. The Mac version will report back on the installed inventory and the running executables. However, the way we analyze user segmentation on Mac is different than the the way we do it on Windows. For Windows users we provide segmentation to light and heavy users based on their applications actual usage while for Mac we … Read More

Is the data-transmission encrypted?

SoftWatch Team

Yes. We use SSL encryption to secure the data in transit and we offer optional MD5 encryption for data at rest. Here’s how the data encryption works: To encrypt the data (username, machine name, domain name) we: 1) capitalize the data (so User and UsEr == USER) 2) MD5 the capitalized string and send that data to the system from the agent. … Read More

What do “Active”, “Focus” and “Interactive” mean?

SoftWatch Team

Active – The amount of time the application was running Focus – The amount of time the application was the active, front screen Interactive – The amount of time that the user interacted with the application using the keyboard and/or mouse

Can the agent be installed on terminal / Citrix / Cockpit servers?

SoftWatch Team

Yes. The agent’s unique inner topology consists of two elements. One will run on a system level, once per machine, and will provide data on all the running processes. The other will run once per logged on user, and provide data on usage, such as mouse, keyboard and focus information. This means that no matter how many users are connected … Read More