OptimizeIT Premium - The Art of Managing End-User Computing Costs

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OptimizeIT Premium is THE MOST Comprehensive Optimization Solution


  1. Integrate real usage in to your decision making process and allow complete management of your license warehouse. You have no idea how many spare licenses you have already paid for!

  2. Optimizing your end-user computing and considering to buy tablets? Transforming into a BYOD (bring your own device) model? Considering upgrading your operating systems? Real usage analysis is mandatory in order to effectively manage and optimize these complex and evolving processes

  3. Prepare yourself for negotiation by coming armed with the right numbers and with actual facts.

  4. Maintain compliance for all your existing software


OptimizeIT Premium uniquely transforms every desktop, laptop or server – real or virtual – into a self-monitoring platform to deliver comprehensive software license management in a hybrid environment based on actual usage metering and analysis. The easy-to-use solution delivers an aggregate view of software license usage. By generating software inventory, usage and functionality reports, IT and procurement executives can reduce software licensing costs up to 50%.

OptimizeIT Premium is a single solution that can proactively monitor a broad range of applications, terminal servers, virtual servers and Web applications.

OptimizeIT Premium identifies and analyzes licensing models, such as named, concurrent and CPU, as well as license types, such as editor vs. viewer.


Who can benefit from OptimizeIT Premium?

Today, corporations across the globe spend some $70 billion a year on unutilized software licenses. Moreover, software vendors and other publishers’ volume licensing programs get more complex year after year. The challenge of how to plan and finance software licensing, and the impact of technology changes such as the cloud, are one of the most formidable challenges IT and purchasing professionals face. Against this backdrop, market research indicates that the delicate balancing act between the vendors and users will drive publishers to update long-standing software policies


The OptimizeIT Premium Advantage


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