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We help companies move to Office 365 or Google Apps based on application usage.

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Run a quick assessment process to understand your usage patterns.


Optimize the steps you take to increase adoption of your new cloud application.


Reduce costs, make better use of your existing licenses and buy new ones, smartly.

The Benchmark.

How do you compare to our famous MS Office Usage Benchmark?

Macro Detect ®
Macro Detect

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License Optimization
License Optimization

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Adoption Meter

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“With SoftWatch, we are currently saving about 50% of our licensing fees with minimal user impact”Isaac Pessoa, CIO, Netuno Internacional
“We launched a study thanks to SoftWatch in order to analyze our current use of Microsoft Office and found”…”80% savings. Not that bad”François Tricot, CIO, Ceva Santé Animale

The Price.

All plans include a free 14 day trial. No credit card required.
SMB defined as 10-500 users, Enterprise defined as above 500 users (for CloudIT Google only minimum required is 1000 users)
Product: CloudIT Google CloudIT 365 OptimizeIT Google OptimizeIT premium
Organization type: Enterprise only SMB Enterprise SMB Enterprise SMB Enterprise
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Terms: One time Assessment Min 3 months Min 6 months Min 3 months Min 6 months Min 3 months Min 6 months
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MS Office usage
User segmentation
Office 365 usage
Google Apps usage
MS license savings projection
Cloud storage analysis
Web conferencing analysis
MS office Macro detection
MS office Collaboration patterns
Ms Office Inventory
Office 365 adoption management
Google Apps adoption management
Select optimal Office 365 plan
Usage for all applications
Software License Optimization
License management
Software License compliance
Browser usage
Chrome Readiness
Assessment summary
Premium enterprise support
Special usage analysis
Citrix analysis for MS Office

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